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writing in 2014
In China, January-31 is the new year of 2014.
All of companies have closed for this festival.
But now most of companies have opened,including our company.
In the past  year of 2013, we made many new business with clients.
Thanks for your trust and support.
We will provide more quality product and professional service in 2014.
Cap&hat, we can make many many different types with very compectitive price and good quality;
T shirt&polo shirts, if you still have not found the good supplier, we are the best one.
Our workmanship and quality and service can make you satisified.
Qigong balls, that is our distinct product. 
If you are looking for it , that is we can make.
Do hope we can make more better in 2014.
Any feedback welcome to send us.

Best Regards,