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Which company can make sublimation printed T shirts or polo shirts


If you have this question, welcome find answer here.


Tianci Headwear Manufacturing in China is a leading supplier of custom T- shirts and polo shirts, we also would like to supply you sublimation printed t shirts.


Here we will introduce some information about this style shirts simply ,if you have more questions welcome to contact us. info@ytcheadwear.com


1- what kind of fabric is suitable for making sublimation printing?


100% polyester fabric will be the best. choosing polyester fabric, the printed color will be more colorful and the design will be more clear.


2- which kind of polyester fabric we can choose?

Polyester fabric also have many different fabric, the popular is eye-bird mesh,150gsm, and have dry fit function. So wearing this t shirt you will not feel hot .


3- how to make a sublimation T-shirts?


simply speaking, we will print your each part of  designs on the fabric, then cut them, then sewing them together.


4- how about your company?


We have rich experience to make all kinds of custom t -shirts, not only we will use the best fabric, dying technology, printing technology  our worker 's workmanship is also very perfect.

5- If you still have more questions, we also can send you our sample or can make sample for you in advance. We would like to be your reliable and favorite supplier of custom T shirt and polo shirts in China.