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What kind of T-shirts will you want to make
What kind of T-shirts will you want to make?

 check below questions one by one or click here directly.

*      Style : T shirts or Polo shirts?
* Style : If you want  custom t shirts, do you want  long sleeve t shirts or short sleeve t shirt?
* Style: If you want  short sleeve Tee shirts,  crew neck T-shirts or V-neck T shirts?
* Style: If you want to make crew neck t shirt, do you want to  t shirts for men or women?
* Fabric: do you want to  single jersey or other fabric? Pls let us know firstly.
*      Composition:If you want  single jersey fabric, do you want to pure cotton or CTC or TC fabric? 
*      Cotton: If you want 100% cotton T-shirts crew neck with short sleeve for men, 
        what kind of cotton do you like?
        carded cotton or  semi-combed or combed cotton? By the way ,we all used reactive dying.
* Fabric weight: If you want to use carded cotton, how about the fabric weight?  160g or 180g ?
*  Colors: what color of these t shirts do you want to make?
* Logo: do you want to plain-T shirts or custom t shirts?  Is there any logo? 
* Quantity : how about the quantity of each size?
* Size chart: pls let us know which country are you from ,so  we can know the right size chart.

        It is so not easy to confirm a T shirt order’s details. Hope to this article can save you time, 
        you will know which questions we will ask you if you want to order custom T-shirts.  
        We do hope we can be your best T- shirts supplier in China,Email:  info@ytcheadwear.com