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What is the best price of T shirt

What is the best price of T shirt?

This is really a regular question , almost all clients will ask me this question in their emails.
 Aboutt- shirt this product, it is a little strange. It has not a fix price.
Your requests to t shirt are different, including the order quantity are different, the color of t shirts are different, the sizes of T-shirt are different, the weight of t- shirts are different, the fabric material are different, the quality of t shirt are different,  then the final price will be more different. 
So when we got the inquiry of T shirts, we always ask clients these questions and work out the price.

what is the best price of t shirt?

Then what is the best price of a piece of t shirt?
Here i wanna say, there is not the best price actually.
You may know ,when you found a cheap price today, you will find another more better price tomorrow.
This kind of matter is very popular in China. You never know who can give you the cheapest price?
Here i just want to remind of you, when you got a very very cheapest price, pls consider how about the quality of the t shirt you will get?
As before, i was very confused too, why other companies can make so cheap price?
Why our clients always replied to me ,your price were too expensive.
So i have to contacted those companies and check there t shirt sample.
Then i know the answer.
Although this was a t shirt too, its workmanship was very different with us.
Their t shirt’s size always make shorter than the standard size, and the tailoring is not flat, and if you want to 160g t shirt, actually they would use 150g to instead of 160g t shirts, or your t shirts will be faded color, or if you want to combed yarn t shirt, the final t shirts would be semi-combed yarn t shirt.
So never believe there will have cheap price, you need to find a reasonable price.
Some of our clients they like cheap price at beginning, but when they see the mass t shirts , they are shocked too much, too worse quality, these kind of t shirts are not they want.
So finding a reasonable price, finding a responsible supplier of t shirt that are worthy to do. Never have a dream to find a cheapest price again. Never want to cheap, but loose too much.
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