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Tianci Headwear Teach you How to buy the high quality Trucker Hats

I believe every clients all want to buy the high quality Trucker Hats,even though the price will be a little higher than the cheaper hats.
However how to know which trucker caps will be fine?
Which details should be more attention?
As the professional manufacturer of trucker cap, Tianci Headwear Manufacturing co.,ltd would like to tell you some information which you never know.
First need to check the front foam. The good quality mesh caps will use 5mm thickness foam, but the cheap mesh hats always use the 3mm foam. So the good quality trucker caps will look like full. 
Second is the back net. The bad net cap often use the cheapest net . This kind of net is very soft, can not hold up  the trucker cap.
Bcoz of these 2 points, the good quality trucker cap will look more Tall and straight. But the cheap mesh caps will appear short.
The below pictures for your reference.
Do hope this article is useful for you, any questions about trucker caps all can ask us freely.  info@ytcheadwear.com