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The story of my sales of Cap&hat


I am amy, the saleswoman at tianci headwear manufacturing co., ltd in China.
I have been doing several years of the caps, and i will continue to do this business absolutely .
Bcoz i love this product. I know it i can help clients to make the CAPS they want.
During these years, i have learned too much too.I would like to write down it to share with everyone.

Who will buy the CAPS and HATS?

I have made many orders of the custom caps.
From my eyes , there are 2 kinds of people or company they will buy the caps.
One kind of companies, they are making Customized caps hats for sale, wholesale or retail, they have store or online store.
They know what models cap are popular and fashion, thus they know what model caps they want to order. They will give us his design and ask us to produce directly.
But usually they can not order too many at first time. Bcoz they should check the market reaction.
However, they can be your regular client once they like your quality ,price and service.
Another kind of companies, is hoping to make Custom cap hat for promotion. They are also our main clients, can be up to 90%.
Once they have a promotional activity or their client have demand for caps with logo. They will make the design. And require us to make a quotation. If price was accepted , this order can be carried out.
For caps, most of condition, we always be required to make the logo by Embroidery. The model of cap is always baseball caps with velcro . The material of caps will be 100% cotton twill. Also some of client they want to reduce the cost, we will advise them to order 100% polyester caps with logo by printing. This model caps is also a good style, it is a cheap cap.
These kind of client’s order quantity are much different, some of maybe order 500pcs, some of can be 500,000pcs.
But they could not give you repeat order anymore within short time.
Only you can do is waiting their good news and order.

That is the buyers of caps i think.