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The story of my sales of Cap&hat

Why should buy the cap?

I have not any idea before i am doing the cap’s work. I never noticed the cap’s importance. But now no matter where i was i would have a look at the caps which the people are wearing or the store’s selling. Some young men or girls they will buy the personality caps; the old men or women they will wear some very cheap caps which had some travel agency’s logo. That means this cap is not they bought, it is when they are traveling ,the traveling company gave them.
Actually at present , not only the travel company ordered caps as a gift to his client, but for other companies, for example, chain shops they also like to order the customized caps,even custom polo shirts. This can be enhanced his company image.
Anyway cap is really a good product to be a promotional product.
A.There have many different colors for caps. As client you can choose according to your request. Black cap, white cap, red cap, yellow cap, green cap ,navy blue cap, blue cap ,camo cap ,any color you can order if you could 5000pcs caps.
B. There have several different materials you can choose. Cotton cap is popular. If you want to cheap hat, you can choose 100%polyester cap.
So price is not problem. We can provide you suitable cap according to your budget.
C. There also have different styles of cap. You can choose according to the season and your favorite. Baseball cap is the popular cap. But the caps with led lights ,caps with opener, caps with EL is more salable too these days. Trucker cap, flexfit cap, Era cap are more liked by youth men.
D.And you can choose to make the logo by printing or embroidery .
The cap has large part, can be putted the client’s logo more easily.
E. The most import is if you make some oem caps and give your customer as a gift. The people will wear it for a little long time. They will become your company’s advertising. But if make advertising on the other product, for example, custom cup. Even though it can be a advertising, but this cup can not be moved out office. But cap can! Also wear on the head! Other people will notice your cap and that logo at first eyes.

I think these reasons make more and more companies like to choose caps as their promotional gift.