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How dose the led light hats work
Firstly, the led lights will be installed on the peak.

The battery was putted into a black box, this box will be stitched on the sweatband.

And there are 2 switches on the hat, one is on the black box, another is under the peak.

The people can turn on or turn off the lights conveniently.

The battery we used CR2302. It can light continually 12 hours, and then become a little dark for another 24 hours, and finally turn off.

This battery can be replaceable freely, and its price is very cheap.

So this led light cap can be worn for long time.

The led lights as usual we can install 3 pcs or 5 pcs.  

Sure, we can install it according to your request, for example,1 pc, 2 pcs,4 pcs, and so on.


Led light can be installed most of hats, just this cap has peak.

So no matter its trucker hats or visor hats, or sport hats all can become led light hats.

Do hope our article is useful for you.

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