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About the closure of baseball caps
About the closure of baseball caps

As usual ,there are several different kinds of closures for baseball caps.
The popular is velcro closure as http://www.ytcheadwear.com/html_products/blank-cap-17.html attached picture.
Another is metal brass closure,as
http://www.ytcheadwear.com/html_products/5-Panel-caps-hats-182.html attached picture
More fashion is snap back closure as http://www.ytcheadwear.com/html_products/Black-trucker-caps-with-white-foam-142.html attached  picture.
Also some clients like D-ring slier.
The price of these 4 closures are different, the velcro is the cheapest. So you should let us know which kind of closure you like so that we could make the exact quotation. 

These are the main closures for caps.